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Pratico Sim & Ecmo Sim: the two innovative solutions proposed by Pratico Santé

Pratico Sim Formation Technique Médicale

Pratico Sim - New platform for Serious Games

Pratico Santé is a reference training organization for medical and paramedical staff, recognized for the quality and diversity of its innovative training courses based on simulation methodology.

In 2021, Pratico Santé designed the first serious game platform which concerned the management of a resuscitation patient under ECMO. Today, our ambition is to make health professionals more efficient through serious games.


Ecmo Sim Pratico Santé Formation Simulation Médicale

Why choose ECMO SIM?

  • Recognized ECMO expertise in face-to-face training :

Pratico santé is recognized as an expert organization in intensive care and is specialized in the management of a patient under ECMO. Founders have worked for more than 10 years in the ICU department of Pr Combes at the Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital, a world reference in this extracorporeal circulation technique. Each year, more than 500 doctors, surgeons and nurses from all over the world are trained on our ECMO simulation module.

  • Introcing the PRATICO SIM platform from Pratico Santé :

Pratico Santé launches Pratico SIM, its innovative virtual training platform. Just like a streaming platform. Create your account and choose your training path. Assume the role of caregiver and care for your virtual patient. Immerse yourself in a 3D medical world, then face virtual clinical situations. Increase your skills by playing as in a video game.

  • Based on simulation methodology :

Pratico SIM offers you virtual simulations on your own computer, derived from our training experience. As with a traditional simulation, you receive a briefing to learn about your virtual patient. Once ready, you enter the virtual resuscitation room and must solve the problem(s). Every one of your actions will have a consequence thanks to our real-time physiological engine. When the simulation ends, a debrief will outline your strong points and your weak points.

  • More than a game, a powerful training tool :

Yes, learning while having fun makes perfect sense? During in-person training, an adult’s optimal attention span is 10 to 18 minutes. A ‘serious game’ or virtual simulator makes it possible to increase that significantly. Gaining experience without the slightest risk to your patient. Fail, start again, and succeed with your care thanks to our personalised debrief system. Each simulation and training path is registered in your personal account. This will enable you to see your progression and get to know yourself better.


Summary of the ECMO SIM VA and/or VV training

Play the role of a doctor or a nurse and care for your virtual patient on veno-venous and veno-arterial ECMO. Face around 10 simulation situations and solve the problems that ensue. Each of your actions will have consequences in this true-to-life virtual setting.